Endeavor Innovation Partners (“Endeavor”) was formed in 2005 to provide advisory services to entrepreneurs and enterprises seeking to develop and capitalize on new market opportunities. Based in the U.S., Endeavor works with clients around the globe, spanning a number of technology industries and markets.


Our Approach

The principals of Endeavor work with clients on a consultative basis, serving on retained and project-based engagements in the following areas:

  • Technology commercialization
  • Intellectual asset strategy & planning
  • Market analysis & development
  • Competitive intelligence, analysis & positioning
  • Strategic alliance formation
  • Product development & management
  • Company formation & launch
  • Capital formation & financing

Our Story

Our Focus

At Endeavor, we believe that entrepreneurs and startup ventures represent an inimitable source of disruptive innovation and economic potential.  They are the lifeblood of economies, constantly advancing the frontiers of science, technology and commerce.  Our long-term vision at Endeavor is to cultivate and develop a successful portfolio of innovative new ventures — working intimately with founders and management teams to conceptualize, structure, develop and grow promising companies. Similarly, established enterprises - small or large – represent untapped and often unrecognized potential in the form of their technologies, products, talent pools and customer networks.  Endeavor works with such companies in a number of ways, aiming to help open new markets, develop new businesses, unlock hidden value and develop sustainable growth strategies.

Our Partners

Disruptive technologies and inventions only fully realize their potential for innovation and impact when they are coupled with the leadership of those entrepreneurs that have the foresight, the drive, the experience and the strategic mindset to transform raw concepts and intellectual property into market-shifting applications.

Endeavor is led by partners that together leverage significant experience and capability from a broad spectrum of technology markets.

Tom Miller, Managing Partner

tomWorking independently as a serial entrepreneur as well as a serial intrapreneur within multi-national corporations, Tom has focused on recognizing outstanding new technology opportunities and successfully forming and leading new enterprises. His career has included leadership roles at both Fortune 1000 companies such as Texas Instruments, NCR, Fairchild Semiconductor, Fujitsu and DuPont, and entrepreneurial ventures such as Integrated CMOS Systems, VIA Technologies, Quantum3D, and Anadigm. Tom’s extensive experience and expertise spans business development, sales and marketing, brand management, operations (general management), and manufacturing.

Tom’s earliest successes were at Texas Instruments where he led business development efforts to develop electronic sound generators and controllers for integration into leading consumer electronic products for the toy and game industry. Parker Brothers, Coleco, Milton Bradley and many others introduced products incorporating the TI technology, resulting in revenue growth from zero to over $50 million annually within 3 years. Tom later led efforts to commercialize the first RISC microprocessors, initially at NCR and then at Fairchild, followed by his first entrepreneurial efforts with Integrated CMOS Systems (sold to Toshiba) and VIA Technologies (now a major international IC company in Taiwan). At Fujitsu Microelectronics from 1992 to 1996 Tom initiated efforts to restructure US semiconductor operations, reducing operating costs by more than $20 million while increasing sales from less than $190 million to over $600 million within 3 years.

Since 1998, Tom has advised or participated in the formation of more than 40 other high technology start-ups, most recently as Vice President of Marketing for Serious Integrated. From 2007 to 2010, Tom served as Executive Director for the Society for Information Displays, a professional society dedicated to advancing the state of the art in electronic displays for every product class from televisions to cell phones. Previously, Tom served as President and general manager of DuPont Displays passive matrix polymer OLED displays business headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, and as interim COO for Anadigm, a field programmable analog array company headquartered in Tempe, AZ.

Tom began his career as a hardware and firmware designer for microprocessor systems at Texas Instruments and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY.

 Anil Jain, Managing Partner Emeritus

anilAs part of the leadership team and EVP & GM at Brightcove's Media Business Unit, Anil is responsible for corporate development and strategic business development. Brightcove is a game changing video and advertising technology company that focuses on enabling major media companies to profitably embrace the “future of television.”

Specializing in the application of design thinking to the creation and development of innovative ventures, Anil has been and remains actively engaged in an ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurs and investors. For nearly 15 years, Anil has been involved in creating or advising startup ventures, and has played a significant role in many of them, including Narrable, Creed.io, ReplyBuy, HyLo, Flypaper Studios and Bollyverse.

Anil also founded and owns Brightmonk Innovation, a venture design and new product development advisory firm that works hand in hand with company founders, management teams and product developers. Anil also co-founded LOT2 Labs, a venture incubator based in Tempe, Arizona.

Anil is a Charter Member and founding Board Member of TiE Arizona and has served twice as President (’03-04, ’07-08). TiE is the world’s largest non-profit focused exclusively on fostering entrepreneurship through education, networking and mentorship.