Endeavor Innovation Partners (“Endeavor”) is committed to the commercialization of innovative new technologies and the building of new business ventures to capitalize on such innovations.  The principals of Endeavor have been involved in the creation and growth of over 25 startup ventures and have worked with numerous Fortune 500 enterprises spanning a range of technology industries and markets.

Our vision at Endeavor is to identify and work with select technology companies which we believe demonstrate the potential for disruption, impact and growth.  Our approach is to immerse ourselves in the goals and vision of our clients, developing a deep understanding and becoming a part of the client’s team.  Previous clients have leveraged our assistance and intellectual capital raising capital, developing products, identifying and securing new markets, establishing strategic alliances, and initiating and closing strategic customer engagements.  We have served, and continue to serve, as Advisors and members of the Board of Directors to many of our clients.