Endeavor Innovation Partners (“Endeavor IP”) was formed in 2005 to provide advisory services to entrepreneurs and enterprises seeking to develop and capitalize on new market opportunities.  Based in the U.S., Endeavor IP works with clients around the globe, spanning a number of technology industries and markets.

The principals of Endeavor IP work with clients on a consultative basis, serving on retained and project-based engagements in the following areas:

  • Technology commercialization
  • Intellectual property strategy &planning
  • Market analysis & development
  • Competitive intelligence, analysis & positioning
  • Strategic alliance formation
  • Product development & management
  • Company formation & launch
  • Capital formation & financing



At Endeavor IP, we believe that entrepreneurs and startup ventures represent an inimitable source of disruptive innovation and economic potential.  They are the lifeblood of economies, constantly advancing the frontiers of science, technology and commerce.  Our long-term vision at Endeavor IP is to cultivate and develop a successful portfolio of innovative new ventures — working intimately with founders and management teams to conceptualize, structure, develop and grow promising companies.


Similarly, established enterprises - small or large – represent untapped and often unrecognized potential in the form of their technologies, products, talent pools and customer networks.  Endeavor IP works with such companies in a number of ways, aiming to help open new markets, develop new businesses, unlock hidden value and develop sustainable growth strategies.